Spend More, Get More Sale

Spend More, Get More Sale!!

First purchase: For any qualifying purchases (jewelry is excluded) you make on The Lady Bag during the period beginning May 28, 2021 at 8pm and ending at 11:59pm  on May 31, 2021 (the “Promo Period”), you will receive a Site credit (the “Gift Card Coupon”) usable towards a future purchase on Tradesy equal to: (a) $50 if you spend at least $250 (and up to $499.99); (b) $125 if you spend at least $500 (and up to $999.99); (c) $300 if you spend at least $1,000 (and up to $1,999.99); or (d) $700 if you spend $2,000 or more. The Coupon amount is based on your total qualifying purchases in US Dollars during the Promo Period. To qualify for this sale you must enter the proper discount code. Purchases excluded from this sale are (i) Gift cards, (ii) sales tax, (iii) discounts and coupons that you apply to your purchase, and (iv) purchases that are returned or cancelled, do not count towards calculating the amount of your qualifying purchase.

Returns:  Will cancel the issuance/processing of your Coupon. If your item is returned you will not receive your gift card coupon on June 22, even if store credit is issued. All returns cancel out this promotional coupon code. 

How the Coupon Works:  We will electronically issue the Coupon (as a code to be entered during the checkout process) to the same email that made the qualifying purchases. The Coupon will expire at midnight on the June 25, 2021 (no exceptions will be made) and it can only be used to purchase merchandise on The Lady Bag. Jewelry and gift cards are NOT eligible for this promo.  

You cannot split the Coupon across multiple orders—it is valid only on one single order even if the cost of the order is less than the value of the Coupon (and any excess of value of the Coupon over the order amount will immediately expire and be void). Coupons are not redeemable for cash and when they expire, they have no value.  If you purchase something with the Coupon it is not eligible for a return or buy back.

Additional Conditions:  The Lady Bag may withdraw, cancel, or modify this offer at any time.  All other Site rules apply.  Any violation of these terms or Site rules will void any Coupons otherwise earned. You are not allowed to combine your purchases with any other person’s.  Limit one Coupon earned per customer per Promo Period.  Our determination of compliance with these rules is binding.

If you have additional questions please email email@theladybag.com. Please remember the sale runs May 29 and 30th and gift card coupons are issued June 22 and expire at midnight mst June 25th. NO returns or buy backs are accepted for the coupon purchases. If you return the initial purchase you will get instore credit and your coupon will be voided and not sent on June 22nd.